Introduction to Acumatica

Acumatica is a Cloud ERP and cloud accounting software that enables you to take control of your business, empower your employees and unlock the cloud ERP opportunity. 

What is cloud ERP ?

Cloud  ERP is an approach to enterprise resource planning that takes advantage of cloud computing platforms and services to provide a business with more flexible business process transformation. Cloud based ERP benefits customers by providing application scalability and reduced hardware costs. In addition, Cloud computing technology made it easier for Acumatica to deliver our ERP through a software as a service (SaaS) model for customers who want to acquire cloud ERP and not have to manage hardware, software, and upgrades while reducing up-front expenses. Customers can build an internal cloud to reduce ongoing hardware costs while maintaining greater control over integration and require local access to their data server.

Financial Management Suite

Financial managment suite final

Acumatica financial suite is comprised of a core set of financial modules used by almost any institutions Acumatica financials are designed for companies with complex requirements, yet are easy to use in smaller organizations.

Financial Management Suite Modules

General Ledger Module

General Ledger (GL) module is the central repository for collecting and analyzing your financial information. 

Cash Management Module 

The Cash Management (CA) module provides functionality required for managing day to day operations related to cash transactions, cash balances, funds transfer, and bank account reconciliation. 

Accounts Receivable Module

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module allows companies to manage receivables and automate the tasks of invoicing customers and collecting payments This module is accompanied by other nifty time-saving features such as defaulting of customer information on entry, automatic tax computation, commission calculation, discounts, and due dates calculation. 

Accounts Payable Module

The Accounts Payable (AP) module allows companies to efficiently manage liabilities for purchased or received goods and services. This module accumulates, stores, and organizes vendor information and documents to automate the payment process. 

Other modules include: Fixed Assets Management Module, Employee Portal Module, Currency Management Module, Tax Management Module, Deferred Revenue Management Module, Inter-Company Accounting*, Payroll*


The Distribution Management Suite

Distribution Management final

The Distribution Management Suite is an add-on module to the Financial Management Suite for managing the complexities of distribution such as purchasing, ordering, tracking inventory, filling orders, and delivering customer support.

 Distribution Management Suite Modules

Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module provides real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs so you can efficiently manage your distribution process to improve customer satisfaction while maximizing profits. Advanced features such as multiple warehouses, lots, inventory subitems, expiration dates, negative inventory, and bin location ensures that Acumatica can meet your needs.

dist imgPurchase Order Management

The Purchasing Management module automates purchasing processes and reduces the cost of acquiring materials. Acumatica automates the entire procurement process from vendor quotes, to issuing purchase orders, receiving orders, creating AP vouchers, and analyzing results. Partial receipts, drop shipments, workflow, and ordering algorithms improve purchasing efficiency.

Sales Order Management

The Sales Order Management module allows you to optimize the way you enter and fulfill sales orders. You can split orders across multiple warehouses, allocate inventory, verify credit limits, issue replenishment orders, accept returns, and more. Integrated workflow with notifications and alerts improves fulfillment processes and improves customer satisfaction.

Requisition Management

The Requisition Management module allows you to organize and simplify complex distribution processes involving multiple products and suppliers. The module optimizes the way you gather requests, obtain bids, create quotes, approve quotes, manage purchases, and fulfill orders for internal or customer consumption.

Project Accounting Software Suite

project accounting suite finalThis suite manages budgeting, inventory, time sheets, billing, profitability and reporting for individual business initiatives.

Highlighted Features

  • Expense Management
    Track expenses related to materials, labor, services, and inventory to gain a complete view of project related costs. Allocate shared costs and overhead expenses to projects based on formulas that you establish.
  • Advanced Billing
    Manage all billing scenarios including cost plus, fixed price, time & materials, milestone billing, and contract specific pricing. Modify resource billing rates by project, project tasks, inventory item, employee, and account group. This provides the flexibility to bill labor and materials according to the customer, the type of work being performed, or the specific project contract.
  • Multiple Rates
    The ability to configure multiple, distinct rate tables based on specific projects or project tasks delivers additional billing flexibility.
  • Budget Tracking
    Project accounting budgets can include inventory items, non-stock items, labor, services, and more. Real-time reports compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets.
  • Time and Expense Tracking
    Acumatica’s Project Accounting Software improves the accuracy of employee timesheets by making the process more convenient. Employees, partners, and contractors can enter timesheets from anywhere using any device with a browser. This allows them to enter information from the office, a client site, or while travelling. The same convenience applies to expense reports.
  • Streamlined and Unified Employee Time Entry
    Now features Timecards, Timesheet and Simple Time Cards combined on a single screen. Setup is quick and easy and users can enter data multiple ways from a single screen, making it faster to enter time for employees and equipment.
  • Resource Management
    Assign project managers, employees, machines, and other resources to individual projects and tasks. Establish billing rules and options for each task.


The Customer Management Suite 

The Customer Management Suite provides a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) application for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and business accounts. Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales data to accurately manage forecasts, quotas, and results.The Customer Management Suite provides a solution to efficiently work and communicate with customers through the Acumatica Customer Portal. Helpful tools enable customers to see all the relevant information about their interaction and perform relevant activities online.

Customer Portal Features

  • Help Customers Help Themselves
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your customers can access account information, create new support cases, and retrieve the latest case updates—all without picking up the phone or sending an email.
  • Financial Overview
    Give customers the ability to see all historical documents, balances, due dates, payments received and amount due within the Customer Portal. Customers can also update address, contact and user access details.
  • Knowledge Base
    Allow customers to search for answers to their questions 24/7. This also helps knowledge transfer, allowing more customer self-service and generating fewer support calls.
  • Document Sharing
    Provides a secure location to share documents with customers, such as marketing material, educational material, company policies and FAQs, without needing to build a separate web page.

Customer Management Suite Features

  • Sales Automation
    Acumatica provides sales tools which improve information flow, reduce sales cycles, increase close rates, and improve sales efficiency. Sales teams are provided with a complete view of opportunities, and contacts so they are aware of all activities which influence the sales decision.
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Acumatica marketing tools help business manage leads, to improve conversions, measure campaign performance, communicate with contacts and improve productivity. Your marketing department can capture leads from web forms, purchased lists, advertisements, direct mail, events and other sources. Captured leads can receive branded email offers. Lead reports help you track the best channels for obtaining qualified leads.Improved lead inquiry with address detail information let users find data more quickly and export the information more easily without extra work in Excel or other external applications.
  • Service and Support Automation
    Acumatica provides service management tools to reduce response times, improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and accurately bill transactions. Support personnel can capture inquiries from web forms or enter them manually to create a case. Once created, cases are assigned and escalated according to policies that you set. Integration with financial modules ensures that cases are billed according to client support contracts.


What people say about acumatica

"We asked Acumatica to automate time tracking for people working in the field. They listened and delivered the Acumatica Project module that allows us to accurately track project profitability."

Charles Hutchinson

Chief Financial Officer, 

IntraCoastal Environmental 


"The scalability of Acumatica far exceeds its competition in terms of the licensing costs. I am not limited by the number of users within , and I am no longer penalized for growing my business."


President and CEO

AME Corporation


"Acumatica saved us time and money processing over 4,500 orders per day. Since it’s cloud-based, Acumatica can support our double and triple digit growth rates"

Chris Nelson



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