Palladium Accounting software offers a range of feature-rich accounting Solutions to suit all types of organisations, ranging from the single user start-up business, right through to the larger enterprise. pallaPalladium is developed using the latest Microsoft Technology and is fully certified with full data integrity throughout!

1. Guaranteed Lowest Cost of Ownership

Our solid stability means that your business maintains maximum up-time all the time. No data corruptions means no downtime resulting in no additional consulting costs, no lost staff productivity and no theft or duplicate costs from switching to and from manual systems. 

2. KPLC Proof Stability

Palladium's dynamic database reconnection feature means that it doesn't retain a fixed connection to the database when you are not transacting so is not nearly as susceptible to power surges or fluctuations as other accounting software packages. Put us to the test; connect to the server, open an invoice screen, then disconnect the network cable while processing an invoice. Then plug it back in and the system will simply update, hassle and data corruption free, all without having to re-login and re-establish a connection/session. 

3. Transactional History For Life Throughout

Palladium stores all Information for Life allowing you to run all your financial and transactional reports since business inception and alleviating the need to go back and forth across copy or backup companies 

4. *User-Definable Fields Throughout

Palladium makes use of user-definable fields throughout the system in the General Ledger, Customer, Supplier, Projects and Inventory Master files, and is one of the only products to boast these fields at document as well as document line item level. 

5. *Credit Note Authorisation Feature

Create credit request forms and ensure appropriate management approval for all credit notes processed.

6. *Financial Budgets and Forecasts Throughout

Budget in all facets of the application including GL, Departments/Branches, Profit Centres, Customers,Suppliers, Projects and even Inventory and Service Items, affording you the ability to measure the performance throughout. 

7. *Multi-Warehousing and Distribution

Manage from order through to packing slips and even containers for consolidated deliveries. The system caters for an unlimited number of warehouses with warehouses being setup as a Standard Warehouse, Repair Warehouse or an In-Transit Warehouse. 

8. *Project Cost Tracking and Budgeting

Track the revenue and costs of various projects and include all other project information from bids, to progress payments and even attach all communication and tender documents. Budget by item with Costs/Revenue and Quantity. 

9. *Freehand Quote Facility

Generate a quote for non-customers with any non-standard goods or services while managing mark-ups effectively and eliminating database clutter. 

10. * SMS Collections, Orders or Marketing Communication

Market to and communicate with customers and potential customers through our Mail Merge Letters and SMS Communication Module with complete traceability of customer responses. Even SMS customer statements.



  1. All Modules in Enterprise Version at no additional Charge
  2. Full Data Conversions from Other Accounting Software
  3. Free Telephonic Support for 60 days from registration
  4. Automated Offsite Backups (support contract clients Only)
  5. Create customer and supplier requisitions, quotes and orders
  6. As At Reports - Run reports at any point in time, from Age Analysis, Stock Valuation to Income Statements
  7. Modern graphical interface



Is data corruption costing your business money?

If your accounting software suffers from data corruption, have you considered the costs associated with downtime, data repair and lost production? Palladium Accounting offers stable wireless connectivity ensuring smooth transacting regardless of power or network fl uctuations. If you are unable to run on a wireless network or login remotely without hassle then your accounting software is developed on old software technology and probably requires countless hours of support. Palladium Accounting boasts the most cutting-edge software innovation in the market, is developed using the latest in Microsoft Technology and is so advanced that we offer greater stability than ERP products at a fraction of the price. On top of this, the software’s intuitive ease-of-use, extensive functionality and a rich set of features with minimal support requirements make Palladium Accounting the most progressive accounting software available. We believe that SME businesses, like larger business, should stand up and no longer accept instability and data corruption as part of the deal with accounting software.

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Individual FREE


A single-user, fully functional application with the Invoicing of Service Items and General Ledger Recovery Accounts with Customers, Vendors and a full General Ledger for the small start-up business. Click download to get setup





The Palladium Business edition is limited to 10 users, and has the features of the Business Basics Edition with the inclusion of Profit Centres, Manufacturing, Multi-Warehousing and much more.






Caters for 500 users and boasts our full Feature-Set from Projects, PoS, Distribution, Credit Note Authorisations, Document Copy Functionality, Multi-Currency and much more





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