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Sage Pastel was formed in the 1990s to supply the growing demand for accounting business management services and software with world class products. The Sage Pastel has become a leading global supplier of business accounting products and services, principally for small, medium-sized to large enterprises.
 Research and Development 

Sage Pastel successes can be arributed to prioritising the customers' growing needs and requirements, We allocate significant investment in research and development for the sole purpose of getting the most advanced tools to guide our customers though the highly versatile technological field. We foward the feedback we get from the customer to our development team in focusing on developing user-friendly, feature-rich, pragmatic software to meet the needs of our customers. 

The Sage Pastel  product's range

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Start-ups, small, medium and larger sized companies are the categories of businesses in which sage accounting prowess encompasses. The product range for Sage Pastel products is extensive. This range includes Sage My Business, Sage Pastel Xpress, Sage Pastel Xpress Start-Up, Sage Pastel Partner Advantage, Sage Evolution, and Sage Line 50. The above products adhere to all countries legislative changes and standards. Future Kenya provides services to Sage Evolution, Sage Pastel Partner Advantage and Sage VIP Payroll & HR to clients in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, South Sudan and Mozambique.


Sage Pastel Training

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Future Kenya offers guided training to all customers who buy Sage Pastel products. Our professionals offer basic and advanced end-user training, ensuring businesses get the best returns from their Sage Pastel software. Training include for Sage Evolution, Sage VIP Payroll & HR and Sage Pastel Partner Advantage.

Sage VIP Payroll & HR

Sage Pastel Payroll & HR is a leading developer of Payroll and HR software that is suitable for start-up to larger sized businesses. In addition, our innovative and easy-to-use Payroll and HR solutions are ideal for all sizes and types of businesses and integrate smoothly with the Sage Pastel Accounting suite. If you hire, fire or pay employees, an automated and legally compliant Payroll and HR software solution is imperative. Let our software do it all for you.

Overview of Sage Pastel's Products

Sage Evolution

SE LogoSage Evolution is an ERP solution that gives you the ability to control your financial situation as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees. Its developed using the sage evolution framework, it has the advantage of having all components and modules in the Sage Evolution framework integrated into it. The legendary MS SQL Server database and accompaying tools ensure data integrity to make Sage Evolution a truly evolutionary product.


Sage Evolution Accounting and all modules within the Sage Evolution range are subject to an annual renewal fee. This business model provides you with a number of important benefits including: updates and upgrades, and first line telephonic and e-mail support. The compulsory annual renewal is payable on the anniversary date of registration of the application. It gives you peace of mind that you will always have the backup service, support and expertise you need.


Sage Evolution Features
 No. of Users  Multi-users, 1 - 300+ users
 No. of Companies  Unlimited
 Database required  MSDE (1 up to 10 users), Microsoft® SQL Database (11+ users)
 Support  Included in the annual renewal

 Sage Evolution Add-on Modules

Account Consolidations

This module allows your branches to invoice separately, but printing one customer statement at the head office level.

Advanced Procurement

Advanced Procurement allows you to create and approve requisitions, request and evaluate quotation and place purchase orders with preferred suppliers

Annuity Billing

Provides for repetitive or recurring invoices on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Bank Statement Manager

Populate your cash book electronically after bank statements have been imported.


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Sage VIP Payroll & HR

VIP branchesSage VIP is recognized as a leader in the payroll and HR management industry in Africa. We are renowned for a quality offering coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the payroll and HR industry as well as the legislation that impacts on it.


The rising economic growth in Africa makes VIP Payroll and HR systems a necessity for many businesses and companies that require flexible software that is easy to use and exceptionally stable. The effectiveness of our software systems allows for companies to manage payroll costs and human capital more effectively. You will always be paying your employees accurately and on time. Generating or creating professional payslips for your employees in any African country is a breeze with your salary / payroll systems.

Start-ups and Small businesses

Sage One Online Payroll

sageoneBest package for startups and small businesses on the go. With sage one online payroll you are guaranteed that there will be no: upfront costs, software installation, backups, IT infrastructure and no annual licence fees. Just pure freedom. Being an online payroll system sage one online payroll allows you to log in and work at any time, any place. This package is highly scalable meaning you can add as many employees as possible and remove them anytime.

VIP Essentials Payroll

This package is also suited for small business, it is designed for the busy entreprenuer who is always on the move. Essentials takes care of everything from tax to UIF while accurately recording leave and catering for bargaining councils. Plus, you get unlimited telephone and email support.


  • Up to 30 employees and 999 companies
  • Easy installation by a VIP payroll consultant
  • Predefined company setup so you can get going straight away
  • Instant payment of your employees as soon as you enter their details

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