karabinaBusiness critical share point our clients’ business problems. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in various competencies and work across all industries in corporate and enterprise customers. The new way to work together.... Stay on track & deliver on time. Make informed decisions Karabina Business Technology Solutions is focused on delivering quality solutions to solve 


Use Business Analytics to quickly:

  •      Make sense of the Sales, Inventory and Financial data within your ERP solution
  •      Detect issues or opportunities within your organisation
  •      Make informed decisions with quantifiable outcomes
  •      Optimise your data into important real-time information reports and dashboards that can be distributed throughout your business
  •      Achieve immediate return on investment

Business Analytics for Pastel Evolution provides:

  •     A full business intelligence data warehouse
  •     An easy-to-use front-end reporting capability
  •     Pre-built industry reports and dashboards for:
  1.    - Sales
  2.    - Accounts Payable
  3.    - Inventory
  4.    - Accounts Receivable
  5.    - More than 45 KPIs with various measures for Warehouse, Customer,
  6.      Product Category and Time are provided in the solution
   Compliance with IT Governance and Audit:
           - Storing snapshots of inventory and sales history
           - Generating documentation for your complete solution
           - Automatically backing-up all application data

A rapidly deployed business intelligence and reporting application that is purpose built for pastel evolution.
Provides improved business insight and customer intimacy aimed at management and c-level executives
of high performing businesses.

Key benefits:

   1. Same day switch-on with immediate return on investment Same day 
switch-on with immediate return on investment
   2. Less training is required because common Microsoft based tools are used
   3. Enables decision makers to access critical information quickly with 
embedded sales and inventory IP
   4. Businesses that have implemented Business Analytics 
for Pastel Evolution have managed to:
     - Gain a better understanding of their sales and increase product 
sales and profitability
     - Identify slow moving inventory to reduce excess stock holding or increase
stock replenishments
     - Reduce Debtors in order to improve cash-fl ow
     - Better manage payments to creditors based on cash flow projections

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