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Overview of Sage VIP Payroll & HR

hrimgSage VIP Payroll & HR has been in business since 1987. We have over 25 years experience and more than 26,000 satisfied customers across Africa. We are a services businessproviding payroll & HR software, training and consulting services. Our products are renowned for reliability and ease of use and our support in second to none. We employee 800 highly motivated employees with 10 branches across Africa. Our users are small SME’s to large blue-chip companies with many thousands of employees in all industries.We deliver tailor-made solutions which provide significant advantages and value to our clients through flexible and innovative software.We develop/design payroll & HR processes based on payroll & HR best practises that will improve efficiencies and payroll/HR delivery to the rest of your company. 

With VIP Payroll & HR you will get:

Improved Information

Having up to date, accurate and relevant payroll & HR information is what managers require to make strategic decisions. VIP will provide this information in easy to read “business intelligent” reports.

payrollImproved Efficiency

Payroll and HR administrative time spent on data to day activities may be reduced by as much as 50%. This allows HR practitioners more time to focus on HR value adding tasks that will benefit employees and the business.

Improved Payroll & HR Delivery

VIP will greatly improve the delivery of payroll and HR services to your business. Companies regard their employees as their most important assets and so using “Best of Breed” solutions to manage this asset should be a company strategic objective.

Peace of Mind

Using VIP will give payroll & HR users Peace of mind that they are using a system that is used and approved by major auditing firms (Ernst & Young, PWC, and Deloite). Knowing that VIP will update their users with relevant tax changes as soon as they are gazette removes this worrisome burden from companies.  

Excellent Support

VIP has excellent support structures in place. VIP users rest assured that a competent qualified VIP consultant is just a phone call away. We are, however, more than just a software provider. We will be able to advice “payroll & HR best practice” to make these department more efficient and effective.


Why payroll & HR software

  • Companies realize the importance of employees
  • Companies realize the importance of automation of data
  • Employers want a tool to make more informed decisions
  • Better decisions creates efficient environments for company growth-ROI
  • Salaries one of the biggest expenses in any organization
  • Market becoming competitive for employment ~ thus HR becoming part of the company on a strategic level
  • Improved efficiencies

Key modules

  • Payroll (compliant with KRA, URA & TRA)
  • Leave Administration
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Business Intelligent Reporting
  • Employee Self Service(ESS)
  • Employee Management (Electronic records)
  • Job Management & Org design
  • Job design
  • Performance management/Appraisals
  • Training management
  • Organizational charting

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