Sage VIP Employee Self Service

Sage Pastel Payroll HR Budget speech mailer image 863X357The system that gives your employees the tools to empower themselves

Premier Employee Self Service (ESS) streamlines your HR processes by giving your employees user-friendly tools to update their personal details, apply for leave, submit claims and overtime, do performance reviews and view payslips online. It reduces admin and gives you more time to focus on the important issues – like moving your business forward.

Making leave-processing a piece of cake

Because this online module integrates with our Premier Payroll and Premier HR systems, it cuts your capturing time by allowing your employees to apply for leave online. Capturing, approving and maintaining your employees’ leave becomes a streamlined, paperless process.

It also lets you customise escalations of workflow items, reducing your company’s financial liability by improving leave management.

But just as it lets the right people in, it keeps the wrong people out

Premier ESS enforces stringent, internationally accepted standards of access control to authenticate users.

This means your data is always protected. For example, managers can access and update leave information for their department, whereas an employee sees how much leave they’ve taken and how much is left to take.

Sage VIP Premier Payroll

Box PremierPayrollThe expert package to help you improve business efficiency

Premier Payroll & HRM has been developed through years of interaction with thousands of our clients of every size and type. That’s why you’ll find that it offers every function you’ll need to manage your payroll safely and effectively, giving you the freedom to focus on what’s really important – being more productive and profitable.

It also gives you the flexibility and range of applications to control every aspect of your payroll, while keeping you in line with legislative guidelines.

Premier Payroll & HRM allows you to add modules and combine functions to expand its capabilities. It can be adapted to fit your requirements no matter how fast your business grows.

You simply define what you need and we’ll set your system up the way you want it and then train your staff to use it to its full potential. And you’ll always have expert support from qualified professionals just a phone call away.


Sage VIP Premier Payroll Add-On Modules

Personnel History module

The Personnel History module is fully integrated to the VIP Payroll system and contains comprehensive employee details that are required for human capital management. Customized HR reports can be printed combining payroll and personnel history information. The system provides guideline information on various agreements, contracts and procedures that are required in terms of the relevant legislation. Transactions can be printed or viewed on-screen. This provides the Human Resources Manager with accurate employee information.

Leave Management module

Accurate leave provisions have become an increasingly difficult task for companies to manage. The Leave Management module has been designed to enable users to efficiently manage leave administration within the framework of the relevant legislation and to enforce company specific leave policies.

This module contains essential information which enables the Human Resources Manager to effectively manage leave policies as part of the human resources function. The Leave Management module is fully integrated with existing payroll fields to eliminate double entry.


General Ledger module

Balancing a salary journal is oneof the most time consuming tasks in the payroll office. The General Ledger module will save you time and also allow you to allocate salary costs according to General Ledger account codes and cost centers.

Business Intelligence Manager

The VIP Business Intelligence Manager module (BIM) uses the power of MS Excel as a report writing tool, providing meaningful insight and interpretation of your VIP Payroll data. BIM is about getting the correct information to the right decision makers at the right time. It is an enterprise-wide platform that supports reporting, analysis and decision making.

Job Costing Module

The Job Costing Module is designed to allocate labour costs to projects, different departments, etc. This means that if a certain employee works on more than one project or at more than one site in one pay period, it will be possible to allocate the cost of his labour with regard to how many hours were spent on which project or at which site.


Sage VIP Premier HR

Human Resources software that puts your people at the heart of the system

Premier HR helps you take care of your people – the heart of your business. With this standalone system, you can manage your employees throughout the complete employee life cycle. It takes care of everything from jobs and positions, performance management and learning and training development to succession planning and employee files and documents.

The Premier HR system is a logical, integrated, streamlined extension of the Premier Payroll system, revolving around the HR responsibilities of your business. What’s more, you can incorporate the system seamlessly with other Premier modules like Sage Intelligence Reporting, which will improve your visibility into your organisation and help you make informed business decisions.

Premier HR features

  1. Enjoy a process-driven system that follows a systematic HR approach.
  2. Replace your traditional employee files with easy-to-use electronic files with document attachments like CVs, IDs and certificates.
  3. Remind your employees, managers and users of important follow-up dates with scheduled, automatic email updates.
  4. Conduct a range of gap analyses to help you with general HR management.
  5. Allow your managers to access employee records, conduct performance reviews and print
  6. HR management reports.
  7. Access over 140 standard HR reports, including a host of summary, detail, grid analysis and graph reports.


Sage VIP Premier HR Add-On Modules

Job Management

The Job Management module is core to the Premier HR system and the system follows a job-centric design principle. All other modules use information defined on the position. VIP HR can assist you to set up position profiles within your company. The position profile allows you to indicate where the position fits into the company hierarchy structure, the competency requirements for the position and key performance areas (KPAs) and indicators (KPIs) for the position.

Employee Management

Premier HR can assist you to keep a complete employee record including employee transactions and document attachments. Transaction history includes items issued, affiliations, memberships, medical history, occupational injuries, disease, interview recording and more.

Employee Performance Management

This module assists you to prepare and conduct performance and competency reviews. Performance agreements and competencies are defined on position level. A performance development plan per employee can be compiled which combines job requirements, review results and additional development areas for development management purposes.

Recruitment and Selection Management

This module assists you in managing the recruitment process effectively. Electronic CVs may be imported into VIP HR to allow for easy management of the candidate database and the recruiter will be able to manage all incoming CVs, interviews, reference checks, ITC and criminal checks, assessments conducted, offers made and more.

Sage VIP Premier Payroll Key Features

Ease of use

  1. Faster, easier processing through our real-time design
  2. The ability to implement “what if” scenarios without having to do a pay run
  3. Color-coded mandatory fields that make it extra easy to add new employees
  4. Help functions for easy table look-up
  5. Print history payslips and reports


Smooth capturing of employee


  1. You can link employees to departments, paypoints, projects, sites, cost centers, etc., for costing purposes.
  2. Payment facility that lets you select the payment method and do electronic submissions
  3. You can make electronic payments to third parties and garnishees
  4. You can make payments in local currency e.g. the Kenyan Shilling, US Dollars or Nigerian Naira.
  5. You can define the language in which you print payslips
  6. Attach photographs to employee records
  7. You can record benefit details like medical aid, provident fund and pension fund


Convinience of on-screen payslips

  1. An online payslip screen displays your employees’ earnings, deductions and company contributions
  2. Online payslip capturing or bulk input (batch processing)
  3. View the payslip in real-time and adjust the net salary while you process
  4. Do net up calculations with dummy payslips


User-friendly reporting

  1. A powerful, user-friendly report-writing tool
  2. Standard reports based on our years of experience in the market
  3. Legislative reporting required by local revenue authorities
  4. Company-specific reports written especially to suit your business

The power of Integration

  1. Combine Premier Payroll with Premier HR and Premier Employee Self Service (ESS) and you have a fully integrated HR management system
  2. Extract reports from multiple sources with the Sage Intelligence Reporting module
  3. Integrate with a variety of accounting software and clock-card systems


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