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Sage 300 People comprises an agile, innovative and cost-effective HR solution that effortlessly and powerfully processes HR and payroll functions in your business. Its world-class capabilities include fast and efficient system implementation, security, stability and improved processes, real-time online design for easy monitoring and reduced risk and universal calculation engine for simpler calculations across functions.

Integrated payroll,HR and Self Service

This powerful, highly customisable solution takes care of HR and payroll, giving you more time to take care of business.

Using the inttelectual capital gatthered over more than 30 years as leaders in HR and Payroll industry, sage 300 people has been developed specifically for larger, mid-market and enterprise-size business
In particular, it will suit companies seeking a natural migration path from legacy systems or wanting a system that will co-exist or intergrate tightly with existing BMS or other applications
Sage 300 people lets you break free from legacy systems with a solution that offers more detailed and complex functionalities than those previously available in Africa, but without the huge cost of custom-built systems.
With self-service compatibilities and dashbord tools, Sage 300 people makes business insights accessible to all your employees.

Modules & Features
Job costing
General Ledger
(multi legislations)
Localized for both countries
Info slips
Employee Management
Employee Equity
Skills & Learning Development
Job & Position Management
Performance Management
Job Requisition
Medical Claims
Time Flow
Self Service
One module for both employee self-service & management self service


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